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attorney to the superhero
*ROLE FILLED* Thanks, Portland! 

Hey there:

I'm directing a short film tomorrow called, Working Stiff, about finding and keeping a job in a tough economy. I wrote an additional scene for a particular actor, who can't make it. While I can take the scene out with no negative effect, I'd just as soon not waste it. The lines are natural and supported by improv flexibility, so no lines headache, really. But I still need someone to play the part. Here's where you come in:

If you're interested in that part drop me a line. We are beginning shooting at 11:30 am in close-in SE. Wardrobe is Pacific Northwest casual. Food will be provided. If you have to be somewhere, I can try to accommodate your schedule as much as possible.


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Dear DamnPortlanders,

After I posted on dp, I was in contact with Channel 6 news. You may have seen me talking about losing my scooter. The response from the community was swift and generous. Several people offered to buy me a new scooter. I spoke to one couple who said they would come to the scooter shop with me to buy a new one. By the time they called the scooter shop to make arrangements, someone else had already paid for a scooter for me. Many other people offered cash donations, stunning in tough times like these. Some people offered scooters they had lying around. All these acts were supportive of a stranger and very kind. Thank you, Portland.

It is a Pride Mobility Victory 10. It is very fast and stable.

Many thanks to Brian Griffiths from a Cut Above Pawn Shop in Beaverton.  
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because they just discovered POD
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i was expecting the first fresh fig i ever ate to be a wowser. 

i wanted to spit it out ungraciously and scrape my tongue against my top teeth.

i liked the taste ok, but i couldn't surpress the reaction that the texture was similar

to a roiling hive of maggots. 

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I need to fly between Portland or Seattle and New York/New Jersey, or I suppose, Boston. I need to be in New Haven on the morning of July 18.
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Some revolutionaries were slighted by the scientific establishments of their time — like Rosalind Franklin's exclusion from sharing in the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the structure of DNA. Described by her peers as a "genius," she exposed herself to massive amounts of radiation to try to get the best possible X-ray photograph of a strand of DNA, dying of cancer at 37. Her image of a double helix provided the crucial evidence James Watson and Francis Crick needed to complete their model, but neither scientist acknowledged her work when they received the Nobel Prize in 1962.



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